Bible Memory Games You Can Play With Index Cards


Bible Memory Concentration

Start with the scripture location of the verses written on one sticky note and the verse without location on the mate.  Create around 10 pairs, more if you’re playing with older kids.  Shuffle the sticky notes and flip them over.  Play using normal concentration rules, making matches until all cards are gone.  If your kids don’t know what a certain verse is based on its location have them look it up.


Mixed Up Word Race

Choose a verse and write out one word per index card or sticky note.  Each player should have one full set of cards for the chosen verse.  Mix up the cards well, then at the same time try to reorder them on playing surface in proper verse order.  Whoever finishes correctly first wins.  Having a parent as a judge is helpful.


Word Fade

Start with a scripture passage written one word per index card laid out on the table.  The first player reads the entire passage then flips one card over.  The next player then recites the passage and flips another card over, two cards are now flipped.  Every turn a new card is flipped over.  Players are out when they recite the scripture incorrectly.  If all the cards are flipped and everyone is able to recite the verse new rounds are played until someone is declared the winner.


Word Run

This game works best if there are 4 or more people playing.  Index cards with tape work but sticky notes are ideal for this one.  Start with each word of a scripture passage written one word per sticky note.   Take all the words and stick them in a jumbled order on one wall.  When the go signal is given the first player of each team runs to the opposite wall and grabs one word, they return to their side and tag in the next player who grabs another word and returns back to the starting place to tag in the next player.  The object is to get all the words back to the starting side then reassemble them in the correct order.  Make sure that there is a separate word jumble area for each team.


Backwards Memory Challenge

Your family needs to already have some scripture memorized for this one but it’s really fun.  On index cards write out the scriptures that your group is familiar with and put all the cards face down on the table.  Next, have one player draw out a card and begin reading the scripture backwards.  The first person who shouts out the correct verse address wins the card.  Cards continue to be drawn counter clockwise.


What games have you played to help with scripture memory?

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