Bible Memory 4 Kids: 6 Quick Tips


Don’t let anyone convince you kids can’t understand the Bible.  If kids couldn’t understand scripture then we wouldn’t be commanded in scripture to teach it to them. (Deut. 6:4-9)

When it comes to helping kids understand the words they are memorizing here are some things to keep in mind.

1) Try to choose scriptures that can be boiled down into one word.

If you can look at a scripture and say “This verse is about _________”  (faith, love, peace etc.), then chances are it can be understood and explained easily to your kids.

2) Choose verses that you understand and can explain.

This might go without saying, but if you don’t understand the scripture passage you won’t be able to explain it fully to your kids.  If you need to study up on a passage before choosing it for your crew to memorize, by all means study up on the passage first.

3) Choose a more understandable translation

I understand that not everyone might be a fan of this one, but if you’re not personally averse to using a different translation of scripture it might make all the difference for your kids.

4) Shorten the verses.

Choose an easy to understand portion of the verse to memorize.  If your kids are super young sometimes shortening a verse to something more manageable helps them exercise their memory muscle and get into the memory habit without it getting too overwhelming.

5) Don’t be intimidated.

Depending on the age of your kids there are some memory verses they just won’t get.  It’s okay you can still memorize them anyway. Really.  Explaining to them what scripture means is a process and one that will hopefully continue through their whole childhood.  Encourage them to hide God’s Word in their heart and celebrate their victories.

6) Pray for your children’s understanding.

There is no formula to teach your children scripture that will replace the Holy Spirit guiding their understanding.  Ultimately your children understanding scripture is a work of God.  Leave it in his hands.

6 Quick Tips for Bible Memory 4 Kids!  Preschool & Kindergarten Bible Memory made easy.  Find tips, tricks, inspiration, printables and curriculum for hiding God's Word into the hearts of children.

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