Teaching Scripture to Preschoolers


Teaching Bible verses to preschoolers can be fun and it should be.  These sweet little children are bundles of opportunity and energy. Don’t let their size make you think they are unable to memorize or learn God’s word. Remember, they were created by the same amazing God who created you, and all things in our world.

It’s easy to think that preschoolers can’t learn Gods’ word. After all, they are small, and many cannot speak full sentences until they are almost ready to begin ‘school.’ However, once you begin reading the Bible to them and helping them learn scripture, you will begin to witness the mighty glory of God’s majesty and creation.

So, how do you do it?


Select a Bible

Many people have a favorite version of the Bible. There are many reasons why you or your church may select the one you do and we are not going to recommend going against your church. WE do recommend finding one version and sticking to it. WE even recommend finding a children’s Bible with pictures to help with visuals. Some of these Bibles have re-written the Bible to make it easier to understand and that is fine. BUT always have a Bible that has every verse with a good translation to use for your Bible Memorization and to learn the truth about God’s word.

Memorizing with Words and Visual

  • First, read the Bible to your preschoolers. Read in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Make it part of your everyday life.
  • Second, read the same scripture daily for a week. Not only will you begin memorizing, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly your preschoolers will learn it.
  • Third, write it on a board, or a piece of paper. Throughout the day, pick up the paper and read it. Point to the words and see if your preschoolers can say the words before you do.
  • Fourth, if you have a board and can write it out, begin erasing some of the words and placing a line where the words were. This will help them visualize the words and the structure of the verse.
  • Last, begin the verse and say every other word. When you are at each point where you are not going to say the word, point to your preschooler….and let them take over.

Memorizing with Song

Another great way to teach preschoolers scripture is with a song. There are many different artists who have created songs, but you don’t have to go that route. YOU and your preschoolers can come up with your own tunes. Add this to the section above or use it alone. Either way, learning by singing songs is one of the absolute best ways to memorize scripture.

If you aren’t musically inclined to create your own tune, find one that you know and change the words to your scripture. Start slow and easy. Don’t rush it and definitely don’t force it.

Have fun

No matter what you do: reading, writing, or singing: make it fun. Be silly, don’t worry about being an adult. Let the preschoolers know that you are going to learn and grow with them. It will be a great experience

Don’t forget to use our Top 10 Verses for Preschoolers to help you on this journey and always let us know how we can help you on this journey.


Bible Memory for Preschool Students.  Bible Memory 4 Kids is a fun Scripture Memorization program for K-2 students.

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